The Mad Poet

The Mad Poet
Mad Pollyanna poet
In love with the night,
Admirer of the stars,
Constellations, and galaxies,
The milky white way
Against the raven black
Echoes of eternity,
Heart hardwired
To the planet’s pulse.
Feel the continents drift
Under your feet,
Between the clicks of the clock.

Self-martyring madman,
Preparing a sacrifice
At Aphrodite’s altar,
Attended by the nine daughters
Of Zeus,
Razor ready to bleed India ink
On the sacred scrolls and tablets.

Damaged, hurt; heartbroken,
Looking on the bright side
Of the silver lining,
Believing—despite the darkness
That light still exists.

Mad Hattering,
March Hare tea partying,
Cheshire smile that lingers
Long after he’s faded away.