John W. Leys is an indie-poet who lives in Albany, Oregon with his chihuahua, Cosmo. He’s been writing poetry since he was 14, initially inspired to write by the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the Beatles. He served five years in the US Army, has a BA in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida, and studied for his MA in Judaic Studies at the Graduate School of the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC. His major poetic influences include Lord Byron, Allen Ginsberg, Erica Jong, Walt Whitman, Pete Townshend, Bob Dylan, Catullus, Sappho, and Taliesin.

John’s first book of poetry, The Darkness of His Dreams, was published by Broken Wing Publishing in 2019. His second poetry collection, Whispers of a One-Eyed Raven: Mythological Poetry, was published in November 2020. His poetry also appears in Nicholas Gagnier’s All The Lonely People, David L. O’Nan’s Leonard Cohen tribute: Avalanches in Poetry, and Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s anthology As the World Burns.

When not writing poetry, John is usually playing one of his many ukuleles or reading ancient Hellenistic philosophy for fun.


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To read the words of John W. Leys is an honor. He shares with his readers the absolute depths of himself, and I respect that as both a human being, and a writer..

Kindra M. Austin, author of Heavy Mental

Leys is a poet whose work is imbued with lyrical rhythm… Leys’ words sing and his passion for the written word leaps from the pages.

Kristiana Reed, author of Flowers on the Wall