When the Banshee Howls and other poems (2022)

When the Banshee Howls, the third book by critically acclaimed poet, John W Leys, is a deftly considered collection of poetry, photographs, and artwork that defines an epoch in a man’s life and tells a story of loves—lost and found—death, depression, spirituality, survival, and hope.

Through a series of individual poems, Leys weaves a tale that begins with a journey home after unsaid years and losses. Slowly sinking into darkness and emerging into love. It is a story of a man’s faith and a journey back to himself. It is a story of hope.

Join John W Leys on a tale told authentically and honestly, as only a poet can.

Copyright © 2022 John W. Leys
Cover Design by John W. Leys
ISBN: 978-1-7333645-4-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022918408

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“A deftly considered collection of poetry and photographs defining an epoch in a man’s life. A palpable sense of returning home.
This is a story of death, loss, spirituality and survival.

I can still feel
The sinking in my heart
When I realized
How limited our time really was,
And the crushing devastation
When they told me
You were gone.

Not easy to bear, just as life can be crushingly hard, the poet doesn’t flinch from presenting reality even as they hold hope. For someone studying how people can be functional depressives, this is a good study, as there is much that talks to giving up and letting go, but also the continual fight toward making it another day”

Candice Louisa Daquin
Psychotherapist, Poet, & Editor