Whispers of a One-Eyed Raven: Mythological Poetry – Now Available!

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest poetry collection Whispers of a One-Eyed Raven: Mythological Poetry. It is now available for purchase from Bookshop.org, The Book Depository, or Barnes and Noble, and other major book retailers.

Myths are stories without authors, composed before we wrote things down, when everything was recorded on the poet’s tongue and in the bard’s breath. They stem from a time when the border between dream and reality was barely drawn, when the wall between this world and the other was but a thin membrane, at best. Myths were our first attempts to make sense of the world around us, using inspiration and imagination, before the philosophers invented epistemology and the scientific method. They are stories that hold truths that linger in the darkened hallways and under the hollow hills, that enchant the imagination and stir the poet’s heart.

Whispers of a One-Eyed Raven is a collection of such stirrings. Join John W. Leys on journey in verse through the myths and legends of the Norse and Celts to a time that never existed and will never end.