I Lost My Voice


I lost my voice
In the fog,
Crushed by the darkness
On which it once fed.

I lost her
And my soul poured out,
Page after page,
Until every tear rhymed.

I lost him
And the well
Slowly dried up,
As I tumbled down
Like Alice,
Forever falling,
Never landing,
Tears streaming,
Silently screaming,
Until broken
At the bottom
I came to land.

I tried to cry,
But I couldn’t breathe.
I tried to die,
But I couldn’t leave

My boy, my light,
The only life I still had
To live for.

The air was
Oppressive and thick,
Like Tampa in August.
Barely breathing,
I couldn’t speak,
I had no voice at all.

I held my broken cup
And prayed for rain,
Soothing cool relief,
To let me sing again.