Blind blank verse poet, serving God not kings,
Whose hero deemed it better to rule Hell
Than live and serve in Heaven under God,
The ultimate king ruling everything.
Tempting Eve and Adam with rebelling
Against the highest authority: God,
To eat and know the difference between
Good and evil and be able to choose
Which path to walk and who they wish to serve
Using reason and their God-given brains,
Not forced down a path by threats, guilt, and fear.
Was it evil pride that led to freedom,
Or a righteous revolt among Angels?
Did you have sympathy for the Fallen,
Having endorsed the killing of a king?
Or did God have the divine right to rule
That the steward Charles was sorely lacking?
Was old Blake right about you all the time,
A true poet and member of Satan’s
Party without ever even knowing?



Illustration is Watercolor Illustration to Milton’s Paradise Lost by William Blake. Found on Wikimedia Commons.