I paint on a smile
And play the game
My make-up is always perfect
But never quite the same.

I’m Mr. Bad Guy
I’ll spit in your face for a laugh,
For laughter hides the pain
That tore my world in half.

I’m pleased when you’re happy
And indifferent when you cry,
All the time concealing
A secret wish to die.

I’m the angry young man,
I stand alone with my pain
And I’m constantly fighting
Just to keep myself sane.

But the fighting is useless,
Its a battle I cannot win,
I’ll die with my fist clenched
Clutching a bottle of gin.

I’m the great pretender
Pretending that nothing’s wrong,
I please everyone but me,
By pretending that I belong.

My act is never ending
As I try to find the perfect part
The one that hides away forever
This pitiful broken heart

But I can’t go on like this forever
I won’t survive for long
By living other people’s lives
And singing someone else’s song

My make-up is wearing this now
I mustn’t let anyone know
As I try to find the will
To go on with the show

24 March-19 April 1993, Gießen, Germany

A old piece from my files, which was inspired in part by the music and lyrics of Freddie Mercury and Queen.