Blood Into Ink

blood into ink

Blood is too thick to write with
When you tear open a vein
With a fountain pen
To fill an empty India ink bottle–
Coagulation in the ink well,
Blood clots smeared across the page–
Dilute with salty tears,
Cried alone in the dark.
Your pen will run smooth
Across the page,
Cauterizing the wounds.


This poem was originally published on the Blood Into Ink blog on 8/2/17. It was written in response to the Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge held by Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless.

Blood into Ink is “a safe, respectful, open and inclusive home for stories of survival from those who have lived through sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, child neglect, domestic violence and other forms of trauma. It is a place to share writing about our struggles and our triumphs.”

Since having this published on Blood into Ink I am very honored to have been invited to be a regular contributor to that blog. I invite you all to visit and check out the other talented writers that post there.