Ode to the Baker Street Boys


Sherlock, Mycroft; Sherringford Holmes:
Detective, Official, Country squire heir

– Or a prison for east wind Euros,
the secret Holmes sister Sherlock forgot,
Sociopath, Redbeard killer,
Mycroft’s greatest mistake–

Meeting mysteries on Baker street: 221B
With Doctor John Watson, late of Afghanistan
London, 1887 (or was it 2010?)
The game is afoot, the thrill of the chase,
Puzzles to solve, knots to untie,
Napoleons to Waterloo at Reichenbach Falls.
Death is not the end when mysteries remain unsolved.
Retirement comes on Sussex Downs
With bees, honey and royal jelly.

In romanticized reminiscences it never ends,
It is forever London, whatever year you wish,
Baker Street boys: Sherlock and John, Holmes and Watson,
The mysteries never end,
And the game is always on.


Illustration: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by Sidney Paget (1860-1908). Published in The Adventure of Silver Blaze, which appeared in The Strand Magazine in December 1892.