Clas Myrddin, Merlin’s Enclosure,
Ancient Elven sea fortress.
Albion, Alba’s isle,
Named for a goddess, a princess or a giant
—Or a giant divine princess—
Called Samothea after Samothes,
King of Celts,
Rich father Beli Mawr,
Husband of Danu, Mother of Irish gods.
Ynys Prydein, Isle of Britain,
Home to the Pritini,
Painted Pictish warriors,
Children of Cruithne MacIng,
Son of Fergus Lethderg,
Grandson of Nemed, High King of Éirinn
—Or a wandering tribe of continental Picts
Gifted land and women by Irish Royalty,
But definitely not a brutish patricidal
Trojan-Italian exile.

Land of Lear and Brennius burner of Rome.
Kingdom of Coel, Ambrosius and Arthur,
Home of Taliesin, Aneirin and Myrddin Wyllt,
Far beyond the north wind, adjacent to Avalon,
Doorway to the Otherworld in the West.