Early morning wake up for a trip
Long planned, suddenly upon us.
A month ago this day was
A thousand years away.
Today millennia blinked an eye.

Hospital arrival through automatic doors,
Check-ins, name called
Preparation for surgery.
IVs—how many veins get blown,
Bleeding on sterilized bed-sheets,
before an OR nurse will ask for help?
(The answer is “Two”)

Anesthesiologist comes to time travel you
To the other side of the operation;
Family takes the slow path in the waiting area:
Excitement, fear; anxiety.

Recovery waking in a
Strangely familiar hospital room
Dry throat, thirsty lips
Nothing to drink until
All holes confirmed plugged.
Have a refreshing damp Q-tip instead!

Hospital days and nights blur one on another
Resting erratic naps interrupted
By medication, tests and x-rays,
Poking & prodding; beeping and buzzing.

Released finally home,
To sleep uncomfortably in your own bed,
Waiting drugged,
Liquid elixir Tylenol and Vicodin,
For the pain to stop.