Not a Disney Princess (For Carrie Fisher)


You took my breath away
All those years ago on the cinema screen,
A princess, but no damsel in distress,
Rescuing your rescuers;
Saving the day with a well hidden blaster.
Leader, Warrior; Bad-Ass.

Out in the real world
Another sort of princess,
Born into Hollywood royalty,
But no less a hero,
Battling demons
From within and without,
Trapping them in books, screenplays and jokes,
Healing thyself,
Seeking a cure for the cures
With the shining sword of truth,
A beacon to the world,
Ashamed of nothing
Showing stigmatized, marginalized,
Demon haunted fans
To fear nothing as well,
And that—maybe
Demons are just learning disabled angels after all.

You took my breath away
As you drowned in the moonlight
Strangled by your bra,
Your ashes wrapped in a giant
Prozac pill.

You can keep it, Princess.