Three From Illinois

three from ill

Lawyer, Warrior, Constitutional Scholar,
American presidents three.
Kentucky, Ohio, Hawaii born,
Springfield, Galena, Chicago home.
Lovers of life, liberty, freedom, and family
Defenders, protectors, believers
Of our diverse union of souls and states,
More perfect that any other on Earth.

Abolitionist, Unionist, Civil Rights Activist,
A dream of a country healed;
People no longer owned as property,
Protector, dream nurturer, country reconstructor,
Reputation ruined by revenge seeking reconstruction killing racist
And history book rewriters.
A dream personified in a country still bearing
Civil War scars and nightmares of the past,
A dream expanded: equality and equity for all.

Captain, General, Commander-in-Chief,
Manning the wheel through the straits in a storm,
Commanding from horseback in private’s coat
With stars sewn onto it,
Leading with humor, dignity, and grace,
Educated, intelligent, but never elitist,
Never pompous nor pretentious,
Never giving up or in,
Ground may be lost today,
But we’ll lick ’em tomorrow.