Our Wedding Song


Tongue tied and stuttering
Looking for the words to say
To tell how much I love you
Gotta keep from spitting up cliches

You opened a door, shone a light
And made my life complete
No more lonely nights spent
Wandering like a hobo in the street

I was a man of constant sorrow
Knowin’ nothing but trouble all my days
Now reborn like a flower
Touched by the spring sun rays

I followed my footsteps
Ramblin’ down a lost highway
’til your love found me at that truckstop
Finally giving me a reason to stay

The prospect, it chilled my soul
Can life really be this way?
All my years on the road
Love was just another way to betray

But you made me a father; gave me a son
Created a brand new family
The light you shown opened by eyes
Finally allowing me to see

With your love in my heart
And your pillow for my head
There’s really nothing left to fear
For the past is truly dead

March 2009

This was written for and performed at my and my wife’s wedding reception on 18 July 2009.