The Revolution Grows

Its coming, you can smell it in the air,
For working people the system isn’t fair,
Angry voices chanting out across the land,
Citizens drawing lines in the sand.
All you lofty heads of state,
Think you’re the masters of our fate,
You hear, but you don’t really understand
How your constituents struggle through their lives,
Each day cutting their feet just like knives,
They no longer have any hope,
‘cept at the end of a suicide rope,
Which is why the revolution thrives.

Its out there marching in the streets,
Making plans from those golden Senate seats
To change a system that’s grown so ill,
Though its heart is steady beating still,
Only we are the masters of our fate,
Not those self-elected heads of state,
Drowning in their own disgusting swill,
While people are busy planting seeds,
Hands are dirtied pulling up the weeds,
Kept apart, they fear our power,
Together we grow stronger by the hour,
This is how the revolution succeeds.