Summer ends at Samhain,
The days grow shorter and colder
As Winter takes hold of our world.
Bonfires lit to hold back the encroaching
Darkness and death.

The walls between worlds grow thin,
The doors of the sídhe open freely in all directions.
Tuatha Dé Danann, Formorians, Children of Lir,
Forced underground, through the veil,
By the conquering Children of Mil,
Can come and go again as they please,
until the doors close and the earth is froze,
Darkness reigns until Imbolc in the spring.


Pronunciation Key
Samhain = saah-win
sídhe = shee
Lir = Leer
Imbolc = Im-bolk

Featured image from YourIrish.comAncient Samhain Traditions In Ireland