I, Woðanaz, Wotan, Óðinn, Odin,
Alföðr, One-eyed Wanderer,
Rune-maker, Warrior-Poet,
Son of Borr Burri-son and
Bestla Bölþorn-daughter,
Who plucked out my left eye for wisdom,
Hung from Yggdrasil for nine nights for enlightenment.
With my brothers Villi and Ve,
Slaughterer of Ymir Jötnar-father,
Slitting his throat, draining his blood
Into lakes, rivers, and oceans.
Squeezing out his sweat to season saltwater seas,
Flaying the flesh from his bones to fasion the earth,
Bones boiled bare were made mountains,
His Molars and teeth, bolders and rocks,
Trees and forrests created from hairs and whiskers.
Crafted Midgard, shelter-fortess for children of Ask and Embla,
From his eyebrows, its gates from his eyelashes,
Battlements from his toenails.
His empty skull we set over the earth
On the shoulders of four dwarves,
Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri,
Forming the vault of the heavens,
Scooping out his brains to make the clouds in the sky.


Pronunciation Key:
Woðanaz – Wo-than-az (‘th’ as in father)
Wotan = Wo-tan
Óðinn = Oh-thin (‘th’ as in father)
Alföðr = All-fother (‘th’ as in father)
Bölþorn = Bol-thorn
Yggdrasil = Eeg-drass-ill
Ymir = Ee-mere
Jötnar = Yote-nar
Villi = Ve-Lee
Ve = Vey
Norðri = North-ri (‘th’ as in father)
Suðri = Suth-ri (‘th’ as in father)