Ask and Embla


Carved by Dwarvish craftsman
From ash-wood of Oðinn’s gallows–

Yggdrasil , heart of the Nine Worlds,
Rooted in the deeps of the Earth,
Tended by the Weavers:
Was, Is and Will-be (Twined together in Destiny),
Watered from the weird well of Fate.
Top branches brushing Bifröst Bridge,
Tickling Heimdell’s feet on the front porch of the Æsir–

Gifted by the gods; made whole:
From Oðinn, Hœnir, and Lóðurr
Intellect, Self-Awareness and Sight
(Lóðurr lent them his good looks, to be nice)

A million generations removed,
When Ragnarök has Asgard burned;
Midgard is frozen like a tomb,
Granddaughter Líf and her lover,
Cling to life under the Gallows,
Seeking shelter and hope.


Pronunciation key for the ancient Norse names in the poem:
Oðinn = O-thin
Bifröst = Bye-frost
Yggdrasil = Eeg-drass-ill
Hœnir = Hoy-near
Lóðurr = Low-Thur
Ragnarök = Rag-na-rock
Líf = Leaf

Inspired by the Daily Post‘s daily prompt: Millions