Losing You

This is the final part of a loose trilogy that started with Living Life by Candlelight and The Princess and the Jester. It describes the same event as Saying Farewell, which was written around the same time.

Losing You

The Jester cries in the gutter,
Tears fallin’ on his shoes,
Across the broken highway
A blind boy sings the blues

He’s not sure where he’s goin’
And don’t like where he’s been
Only the kindness of a princess
Got him outta the lion’s den

But the Princess is goin away,
Though it’s largely against her will,
But that’s how she came
So I guess it’s just as well

Just the thought of losing her
Makes his stomach tight.
Fists balled, jaw clenched,
But there’s no one here to fight

The smile he wears in public
Covers a personal pain,
They wouldn’t understand if he told
So what would there be to gain

By telling a bunch of zombies
About a love they can never know,
It would be like telling Santa Anna
To beware of the Alamo

His heart swims in confusion’s sea
The negative is positively gray
Laughing his way into a depression
Thinking of the debt he can never repay

The Jester stands alone now
With the deepest hurt he’s ever faced
‘Cuz no matter what he does
He knows she can never be replaced.

9 January 1996