4th Street Movie Theater

I’ve seen this movie before and never liked the ending.
So why would I sit through it again?
I can see the plot twists all a comin’
I know what’ll happen, its just a matter of when.

The lead is a self absorbed princess
Living in a run down trailer tent
All the other actors are there to serve her
Displease her and be prepared to repent

She fancies herself a high class heiress
But she’s just a burned out alley whore
Using people like disposable needles
No matter the game, she’s always keeping score

Like a newborn baby, she’s blameless in every situation
Though her dress is scarlet red.
Kindly, she’ll show you your every misstep
Though it was you, down this path, she led.

So, without a word, I left the theater
Not stopping for a refund, nor to complain
Behind me the projector screened the second act
While I slept in comfort on an outbound train.