Heavy Load and a Worried Mind

Out the door to the platform
Just waiting for a train
Tug down on my hat brim
To shield my eyes from the rain

No tears this time
I just can’t stay still
Nothing to tie me down,
Guess I’ve just had my fill

I’ve got souvenirs from places
I ain’t never been
Every year I confess
Even if I didn’t commit the sin

Walkin’ through the Village
Listenin’ to the Cabaret
The singer gently pulls a tune
From the poet of the lost highway

The Lord has retreated from the world
And yet remains within our reach
Like the tide receding out
While the ocean still kisses the beach

I follow my footsteps down
Through the road map of my soul
No home for this weary traveler
When the road itself is my goal

The train pulls into the station;
The passengers climb on in
No promise or prediction made
Can guarantee I’ll ever be here again.

7 December 2006