Oh dear Frigg, Oðinn wife,
Bold Baldr and blind Höðr mother,
Are you wise Wodan’s first wife
Or his second?
You’re a mother and you’re of the Earth,
Are you Móðir Jorð, thunder mother?
Are are you lady Freyja, Óðr wife,
Njörðr daughter, Freyr sister,
Mother of treasured daughters,
Hnoss and Gersemi,
Keeper of Fólkvangr field,
Where dwell the half of the honored dead
That don’t belong to Oðinn?

Beloved Æsir Queen, Vanir princess,
Did Wōđanaz wed you to seal the peace?
Did he love you as an
Alföðr loves his Jorð Móðir?
Did his eye see you for who you are?


Born of a meeting between Earth and Sky, Mother Jörð and Alföðr Óðinn, Thunderer Þórr, Jötun Slayer, Lightning […]

Three cocks crow, echoing from Asgard, Jötunheimr, and Hel. Yggdrasil shudders its ashen roots, The world worm writhes […]