Freckles & Curls

Freckles and Curls 

In embryonic Eden
Before the rains came:
Seeds were planted,
Hand in hand,
Giving rise to fruit trees
Casting shadows
Over evermore.

In elementary Eden
Before the fruit was ripe:
A vision of paradise
With brown curls and freckles.
A déjà-vu unnoticed.

You pressed my back
against the chain link fence,
your lips touched mine;
I didn’t know what I had,
but gladly I gave it
all to you.
You held it close to your heart,
And away you flew.

I found you
down on Salem Avenue
after the darkness fell.
Pavlov’s pain prevented me
from telling you the truth:
That your smile,
and those freckles on your nose,
parted the clouds,
pulled back the curtain,
and loosened the tightness
in my chest.

Was that smile
just for me?
I’ll probably never know.
Before I could ask
I was left alone again,
barefoot in the freshly
fallen snow.

There was that one time
at band camp,
when the summer breeze
kissed the beach.
You made castles
in the sand.
We ate s’mores
By the bonfire,
brown curls
falling in your eyes,
freckles dancing
on your cheeks;
laughter that would never end.

In the fall
you wanted it made official.
We set the time
and you saved the date,
but I forgot
and left you standing there
in front of the supermarket,
emerald eyes shedding
saltwater fears.

The last time
I saw you,
Outside that dancehall
Near Haystack Rock,
You couldn’t even
Look me in the eye,
And I never looked back.

East of Eden
Before Death entered the world.
I saw you there,
Slouching in your desk
Across the classroom.

You came up behind me
As they walked on by,
Oblivious and annoyed.
We straggled behind,
Shoulder to shoulder,
Entangled forever.