I Remember

In Memory of Patricia Spoon (1940-2021)

 I heard the banshee
 Wailing in the distance,
 Echoing in the valley,
 Weeping among the
 Rose covered hills of Montrose.
 The bagpipes whisper a dirge,
 Drifting from Angus 
 To the Highlands,
 Welcoming another soul
 Coming home.
 I remember
 A feisty single mother
 Of five children
 Of various shapes,
 Sizes, and temperaments.
 I remember broken windows,
 Duct tape, and color coded
 Christmas presents.
 I remember a cherry red
 Volkswagen bug
 That was hit by a deer.
 And I remember you
 Insisting the sheriff call a vet
 Instead of putting the animal down.
 I remember love.
 I remember the wit
 And the snark;
 Holding your own
 Against the two clowns
 You had for brothers,
 Hanging up the phone
 When you’d had enough.
 I remember love.  
 I remember the losses:
 Your mother,
 Your husband, your son,
 Grandson, and your brothers too.
 I remember love.
 I remember never giving up,
 Never giving in,
 Fighting while there
 Was still fight left.
 Even when you started
 Losing yourself.
 I remember love.
 I heard the banshee wailing
 And felt her tears
 Blowing in the wind,
 Her voice as familiar
 As the pain I now feel,
 Her presence like that
 Of an old friend.
 I heard the banshee wailing,
 I heard the bagpipes dirging,
 With roses over their heads
 And God’s good earth
 Beneath their backs,
 Welcoming another soul home.